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2016 Congressional Scorecard

The PAAIA 2015-2016 Congressional Scorecard rates members of Congress on votes and other positions taken in the House of Representatives and Senate in the 114th Congress that affect and are of interest to the Iranian American community.

Published bi-annually, the primary purpose of the scorecard is to ensure that Iranian Americans are informed of the voting records and performances of their members of Congress. In addition, the scorecard ensures that members of Congress are aware that their votes and positions on issues of importance to the Iranian American community will be analyzed and made public. It examines votes and positions only for 2015-2016, and does not, in any way, reflect each member’s past voting record. The scorecard is merely an informational tool used by PAAIA and its affiliated organizations and does not indicate our approval or disapproval of specific members of Congress.

In this scorecard, PAAIA focuses on legislation and congressional actions regarding the Iran Nuclear Agreement and U.S. - Iran relations, as well as visa immigration related issues. We have also included a "special topics" section for noteworthy legislation that does not fall neatly into any other category.

The following sections’ analyses indicate whether PAAIA supports (+) or opposes (-) the legislation. The designation "S" refers to a bill in the Senate, while "H.R." refers to House Resolutions.


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