Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans .
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The PAAIA Inc. and PAAIA FUND Boards are comprised of selected members of the IA-100. Candidates are proposed for IA-100 membership by the Boards’ Joint Membership Nominating Committee, who then votes on their election. The Joint Nominating Committee also recommends for board approval individuals for board membership on either board. A simple majority of voting members is required for election. A Chair and Vice-Chair are then elected by the Board for a 2-year term that may be extended only once at the recommendation of the Joint Membership Nominating Committee and board approval.

The Boards’ Joint Membership Nominating Committee is responsible for vetting prospective IA-100 members, who can be nominated for board approval on a rolling basis. Upon Board approval, an invitation for IA-100 membership is extended. 

PAAIA INC. Board list

IA-100 Board list