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Passing the Torch of Success, Houston

February 20, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011
Rice University—Stude Concert Hall
Houston, TX
3PM to 6PM

In a remarkable gathering, some of the most accomplished Iranian-Americans shared their experiences with the next generation of leaders. The event was held at Rice University’s Stude Concert Hall on February 20th in Houston, TX. Rudi Bakhtiar, former CNN anchor, and K-Von, host of MTV’s Disaster Date will host Houston's Passing the Torch of Success. Speakers included:

Davar Ardalan—Executive Producer, Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Hamid Biglari—Vice-Chairman, Citicorp|Citigroup
Behzad Ranjbaran—Composer and Professor, The Juilliard School
Dr. Pardis Sabeti—Scientist and Professor, Harvard University
Faryar Shirzad— Global Head of the Government Affairs, Goldman and Sachs & Co.
Mahvash Yazdi—Chief Information Officer, Southern California Edison
Passing the Torch of Success is an ongoing series of educational and inspirational events aimed primarily at youth and organized by members of the PAAIA Board and local Chapters. For more information on past events, please click here.To view the pdf, please click here.

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Passing the Torch of Success at Houston, February 20, 2011  – According to Iranian American comedian K-Von, Iranian parents want their kids to grow up to be “doctors and engineers.” In the Passing the Torch of Success event held at Houston's Rice University, a group of Iranian American speakers showed the Houston community that Iranians do have a knack for finding success regardless of the field they choose to pursue. Read More...