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PAAIA NexGen is a national organization aimed at creating a network of highly talented young Iranian American professionals and students, both to support their career development as well as to create a vehicle for them to serve our communities.  NexGen is structured under the umbrella of the Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA) and shares its parent organization’s aspiration of community building, image building, and influence building.

Please visit the NexGen website to learn more. 


In an increasingly competitive world, the younger generation of Iranian Americans needs programs and opportunities to prosper in their educational and professional careers. PAAIA is focused on making sure that we provide our younger generation with the advice, tools, and support that an integrated community can provide its members to be a successful and vibrant community. 


  • To build an influential national network of outstanding young Iranian Americans enabling them to form long-lasting relations that benefit them individually and collectively, empowering them to push agendas that benefit our communities.
  • To celebrate our heritage, culture, and history and develop a sense of generational pride.
  • To build a civic-minded community that gives back to America as it has given to us.
  • To reach out and partner with other organizations with synergistic objectives and leverage the broader assets to do more with more. 


To strengthen and build a strong national network of young Iranian Americans who will serve as impactful leaders in their communities through engagement and civic service.


•  PAAIA Network

By working directly with the PAAIA Board of Directors and Trustees, NexGen is uniquely positioned to tap into the success, collective wisdom, and full support of highly accomplished leaders of the Iranian American community.

•  National Reach
NexGen will be able to network with other members on a national scale across all PAAIAchapters.

•  Rich Programs

NexGen members immediately benefit from established PAAIA programs such as theMentorship Program, Passing the Torch of Success, Educational Webinars, and Giving Persian Thanks.


NexGen’s National Organizing Committee is comprised of some of the best and the brightest in our community.  This is a rotational group of accomplished, dynamic, and civic-minded members of the next generation that believe in the value of coming together for the greater good. The committee serves as a national coordinating body that is refreshed every two years. 

For more information on the national leadership of NexGen, please contact: